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Hey Guys!

Thanks so much for coming to read the first chapter of Fences. This has been an amazing process, and I’m so excited that I can share this first chapter with you.

Initially, we tweeted updates each day as we uploaded a new chapter – late afternoon in New York, lunchtime in California, early morning in Sydney, evening in Paris…

The novel is now complete, and the ebook is available directly from my website on Amazon. [The first edition was available from various other eretailers and the Say Books website, but the rights have since reverted to me.]

Here’s what some of the subscribers from all around the world had to say about the original online, serialised version of the book [published by Say Books]:

I really can’t wait to see how this plays out – such a very intriguing premise (so excited about the copious angst possibilities!:)


Here I am looking for the next chapter, even though I KNOW it’s too early 🙂 but just in case… With each chapter I wish I could just keep going until I finish the book. Every single day.”


I loved how quickly and non-intrusively you were able to paint us a picture of the characters’ backgrounds and give us a peek into the history they share.


I don’t want to stop, but its 3 am and I just have to. Wow again!


I’m looking forward to more!


Can’t wait for the rest! (If you had released it all at once I guarantee you I would be staying up and reading it all night with a flashlight. Until I finished.)


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