Laura Bontrager

Laura Bontrager has fame and a legion of fans in the world of fanfiction, and we are delighted to be publishing her first novel.

I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, but my parents are from Ohio and California.

I graduated with a degree in English, and then worked as a behavioural aide for a boy with autism, and my poetry was published in various magazines and journals. Currently, I work in the library of a boys’ private school in Memphis. And I write.

As a child, I first started telling stories with my Barbie dolls as I created scene after scene of soap-opera-worthy tragedy. And then I wrote down stories because I wanted to illustrate them, not because I particularly loved the words. I felt I could show the pictures in my head better by creating pictures (but I turned out to be only a mediocre artist). Then I really got down to writing somewhere around 12 years old; the stories needed out…

If you’d like to find out more about Laura, her writing, and her life, and how we discovered her, read the in-depth interview with her here.


Introduction: Note from Laura

Chapter 1


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