Book Title: Fences

Subtitle: Original online teaser for the subscription edition published by Say Books

Author: Laura Bontrager

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Emma Fox is always ready for a new adventure, so when the grandfather she’s never met asks her to visit, she gets in her car and drives halfway across the country to his Tennessee horse ranch. She is shocked by his callous disregard for her family and her wishes. On the other hand – she meets Riley Wilson.

Riley shouldn’t be drawn to her – she’s the one trying to take the ranch away from him – but he is.  He can’t stay away. So he puts himself out trying to make her fall in love with the place, the horses, even though his employer wants to give everything he’s worked for to Emma.

Only – she doesn’t want it. She’s a San Francisco native with a large family back home and a budding career as an artist. She has no room in her life for a horse farm or a man tied to Tennessee.

When Emma fell in love with Riley, she should’ve asked him where he thought they’d live. Because this horse ranch isn’t home.

She’s discovered that falling in love was the easy part – staying there is the adventure.


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Laura Bontrager


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Laura Bontrager
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May 5, 2012